About us

Value Vision Management Consultants was started in Bangalore in June 2003, as a professional consulting company providing services in Human Resource management. Set up with an objective of providing end-to-end solution to our clients, Value Vision has always focused on providing quality services to distinguish itself from the highly competitive market.

Today, Value Vision has been a preferred vendor with many MNC's and technology focused companies, because of its consistent delivery capacity in niche technologies like Telecom & Wireless, Networking, Embedded, Storage, Operating Systems internals, Database management, CRM and ERP areas. Value Vision has worked with eminent product development companies and has built reputation & experience in hiring quality talent for product development companies.

Our Mission & Vision is to deliver higher business value by providing top quality service and grow as our customer grows. We strive to partner with our clients with a focused approach and dedicated teams help us to deliver to higher value and derive our customer's utmost satisfaction. Throughout our history, Value Vision's core competency has been directed at helping our clients implement operational solutions in Recruitment that yield measurable results.

Value Vision is an active member of National Human Resources & Development (NHRD) & Executive Recruiters Association (ERA).

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